Using the Celestron NexYZ universal smartphone adapter to take photos with your telescope

16 October 2020  |  Admin

Having bought the Celestron StarSense Explorer LT 114AZ Reflector Telescope as a novice I thought i would try to get a photo of the moon from the eyepiece, I don’t have a camera other than the one on my phone so decided to try. This worked to a point I think i took about 10 shots to get 2, but the 2 photos looked good, but only of part of the moon. The main problem is shake and trying to get the phone to focus. 

Having bought the telescope I decided to see if Celestron did a phone mount for the eyepiece. The answer was yes it's called the Celestron NexYZ 3-Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter. I looked at the product and ordered it for next day delivery. Getting it out of the box, it is all pre ensembles and has a basic instruction leaflet. 

You get the holder and 2 rubber rings that are spacers for smaller eyepieces. I thought I would have a practice during the daylight. To connect to the eyepiece is simple by way of a spring-loaded clamp that locks around the eyepiece, this has a twist lock that tightens it. The NexYZ 3 phone holder is well made and clamps on a Samsung s10 really well. The phone is fairly heavy and this didn’t loosen the grip from the eyepiece.

It has 3 axis of adjustment so again very easy to view on the phone screen straight down the eyepiece. 
As it was getting dusk I thought i would try to get a photo of the moon as it was looking good.  take photos of the moon

I set the telescope up and sighted it onto the moon, clamping the phone holder on is very quick once you are familiar with it. I clipped the phone into the holder and opened up the camera, getting the moon in shot was easy with the turn knobs. Once in shot it is fantastic no shakes the phone camera could focus without blurring. 

I have posted some of my pictures on my Facebook page and had 2 photographer friends ask how I had got such good shots from my phone. 

All I can say is by having the right equipment you can be a novice and get good results. The NexYZ smartphone adapter is a fantastic product or add-on for any telescope if you are taking pictures. 

Review by Brian M


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