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Refractor telescopes were the earliest type of optical telescope and they are also sometimes referred to as a dioptric telescope. The refracting telescope uses a lens as its objective to form an image and is mainly used as an astronomical telescopes but is also used for long focus camera lenses. All refracting telescopes use the same principles, the combination of an objective lens and an eyepiece which is used to gather more light than the human eye is able to collect on its own, then focus it in a bright and clear magnified image. To calculate a refractor telescopes magnification you divide the focal length of the objective lens by that of the eyepiece. Popular refractor models include the Celestron Powerseeker range of telescopes. 

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Best Seller
SkyWatcher Mercury 607 Telescope

SkyWatcher Mercury 607 Telescope£62.99   £39.99


Best Seller
Celestron Travel Scope 70 Telescope

Celestron Travel Scope 70 Telescope£92.00   £66.99


Celestron PowerSeeker 50AZ Telescope

Celestron PowerSeeker 50AZ Telescope£62.00   £43.99


Celestron Travel Scope 50 Telescope

Celestron Travel Scope 50 Telescope£65.00   £52.99


Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ Telescope

Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ Telescope£77.00   £59.99

Celestron ExploraScope 60AZ Refractor Telescope

Celestron ExploraScope 60AZ Refractor Telescope£91.99   £73.99

Celestron PowerSeeker 70AZ Telescope

Celestron PowerSeeker 70AZ Telescope£90.00   £77.99


Celestron Astromaster LT 70SAZ Astro Telescope

Celestron Astromaster LT 70SAZ Astro Telescope£105.00   £79.99


Celestron ExploraScope 70AZ Refractor Telescope

Celestron ExploraScope 70AZ Refractor Telescope£106.99   £89.99

Celestron Astromaster 70AZ Astro Telescope

Celestron Astromaster 70AZ Astro Telescope£109.99   £95.99


SkyWatcher Capricorn 70 (EQ1) Telescope

SkyWatcher Capricorn 70 (EQ1) Telescope£109.00   £104.99

Celestron ExploraScope 80AZ Refractor Telescope

Celestron ExploraScope 80AZ Refractor Telescope£130.99   £114.99

Meade Polaris 70mm German Equatorial Refractor Telescope

Meade Polaris 70mm German Equatorial Refractor Telescope£150.00   £134.99

Celestron Inspire 70AZ Refractor Telescope

Celestron Inspire 70AZ Refractor Telescope£169.00   £138.99

Celestron Astromaster 90AZ Telescope

Celestron Astromaster 90AZ Telescope£204.00   £162.99

SkyWatcher Evostar 90 (EQ2) Telescope

SkyWatcher Evostar 90 (EQ2) Telescope£187.99   £169.99

Celestron Astromaster 90EQ Telescope

Celestron Astromaster 90EQ Telescope£192.99   £173.99

Meade Infinity 90mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope

Meade Infinity 90mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope£210.00   £174.99

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Page 1 of 2:    31 Items

A refracting telescope uses a lens to collect and focus light to present a magnified image at the eyepiece.

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Some of our popular models include: