I had problem with the memory card in my Nextbase 512GW Dashcam

4 Comments8 June 2021  |  Admin

Dashcam Memory CardsI’ve had my Nextbase 512GW with a standard SanDisk 64gb micro card for a number of years but always thought the quality of the recordings wasn’t very good, it came to a head when the Dashcam stopped over recording when the memory card was full, the message came up "reformat memory card". So I thought it was the Dashcam, and I was looking at purchasing a new Dashcam. But after going through the net a lot of people had the same problem and the fix was a new Dashcam memory card, I also found out that you need the correct speed with the memory card  and also as it re-records a lot and as it’s in the car through sun and cold it’s got to be made for Endurance.

So I found PicStop to be the cheapest online and purchased the SanDisk high Endurance 100MBs micro SDXC card 128gb which has given my Dashcam a new lease of life, also now I have the correct writing speed the recording on the Dashcam are excellent. So if you have the same problem as me, try replacing you dashcam memory card first and make sure it the correct memory card for a Dashcam and save yourself some money.  Review by Mark W

Dashcam Memory Card

08 June 2021  |  13:17

Basically, the original card has been worn out by extensive use, standard type memory (micro SD) is not suitable for dash cams and similar continuous use devices like CCTV cameras, they require the new higher quality Endurance range of Micro SD memory. Endurance memory has been produced to cope within multiple re-writes and intensive use in such devices. Standard memory cards are lower in cost to the Endurance ranges but are not covered under warranty for use in dashcams, plus, there's always the chance the card will fail at a later date and you may lose crucial data, so it is definitely paying a little extra for Endurance Micro SD. A memory card has no effect on the visual quality of the recording, the memory only holds the data file.

Charles Warrington
26 August 2021  |  2:28

its nothing to do with endurance please dont post stupid myths to sell products, its all in the speed of writing data to the card as nextbase needs fast speeds to write 1080 and higer speeds

Charles Warrington
26 August 2021  |  2:30

i dont expect you to publish my comment as this will also make you look ignorant

26 August 2021  |  10:55

Rather than trust our 20+ years as a specialist in memory, please visit the website of the company that manufacturer the Endurance cards and read their supporting information explaining why you need an Endurance card in a dashcam.

See: https://bit.ly/3zlzsyP

You may also wish to take note of the SanDisk warranty regarding none Endurance cards and devices they are used in.

SanDisk Warranty:
This warranty does not cover use of the Product in connection with the following uses or devices (as determined by SanDisk): (i) normal wear and tear, (ii) video monitoring, security, and surveillance devices, (iii) internet protocol/network cameras, (iv) in-car recording devices/dashboard cameras/black box cameras, (v) display devices that loop video, (vi) continuous recording set top box devices, (vii) continuous data logging devices like servers, or (viii) other excessive uses that exceed normal use in accordance with published instructions.
See: https://shop.westerndigital.com/warranty

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