Know your Astronomy Telescopes - Which one is right for me?

28 September 2017  |  Admin

The world of astronomy is growing in popularity by the day. Those that wish to gaze even further into the night sky can do so with the aid of a telescope. An Astronomy Telescope allows the human eye to experience another galaxy.

When deciding on which telescope is right for you and which one to buy, it is essential that you know how to differentiate the three most popular types so you can carefully select the right one for your requirements.

The 3 most popular types are:

Reflector Telescope

Probably the telescope build that pops into your head when you first think of an astronomy telescope. The design of such a telescope allows for enhanced light gathering, because of this a higher magnification can be achieved  and because of this almost all of the major telescopes used in astronomy use this method of construction. The basic optical element of a reflecting telescope is the curved principal mirror. This particular mirror allows the telescope to create an image at the focal plane. The focal length comes in the shape of the distance between this exact mirror and the focal plane. Their large apertures allow them to display fine, high-quality, highly resolved images of deep-sky objects and planets. You can buy Reflector Telescopes online at Picstop in a range of focal lengths and aperture sizes.

reflector astronomy telescopes

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Refractor Telescope

Long and thin in build, a refracting telescope uses a lens to collect and focus light to present a magnified image at the eyepiece. Such principles adopt the combination of one style of eyepiece and also an objective lens. This particular set-up is able to gather more light than the human eye is able to collect alone. This light is then focused and presented to those using the contraption. The end result is a brighter; more refined and magnified virtual image. The objective of a refracting telescope is to refract or bend the light displayed in order to produce a high quality, magnified image. This image goes far beyond what the natural human eye can see. The telescope is able to form parallel light rays, which are then converged at a focal point. If you wish to purchase a Refractor Telescope, you can browse our range online.

refractor astronomy telescopes

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GoTo Telescopes

GoTo telescopes use computer technology to automatically locate ('go to') the wonders of the universe with its motorised system and on board computer. This is a great way to learn and also a great way to progress in the world of astronomy.

goto astronomy telescopes

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Whatever the telescope, the most important specification is it's aperture. Aperture refers to the diameter of its main light-gathering lens or mirror. A bigger aperture allows a higher magnification and thus the more detailed the image will be.

Whether you are new to astronomy and need a beginners telescope or a keen enthusiast and need a more professional telescope there are a variety of models to suit all users.  Depending on the experience you want from your astronomy sessions you will have to choose a telescope that is right for you to buy. Of course the GoTo telescope offers easy and pleasurable views of the planets and so forth but it does not involve much user participation. If you believe that most of the fun comes from trying to find constellations yourself then choose the telescope to suit.

Reflectors are great all-around telescopes, offering generous apertures at affordable prices. They work for both planetary and deep-sky viewing. A refractor is the scope of choice if you will be doing most of your observing from the city or suburbs, where the night skies are moderately light-polluted. This is a great option for those that know little about the ins and outs of a telescopes, especially regarding the workings of such a product. Refractors are simple to use telescopes and a cheap telescope can often be found amongst our range of monthly telescope offers.

Here at Picstop we stock a wide range of telescopes from the leading telescope brands such as Celestron and Sky-Watcher. It really is worth taking the time to research the type of telescope you have in mind. Our team are happy to offer and help and advise with regards to which telescope you have in mind. Once you feel that you have learnt the basics, you can then move onto one of the other types of telescopes available.


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