How the TP-Link Deco AC1200 Whole Home Mesh system improved the Wi-Fi around our house

21 January 2021  |  Admin

TP LinkI was having problems with our existing WiFi, particularly when trying to attend some zoom meetings in the lock down period. Computer Active Magazine had a comprehensive article on extending Wifi through the house in issue 586, that mentioned Mesh Routers and I found the TP-LINK Deco E4 3 pack for just under £100 from PicStop. I looked up PicStop on the internet as I had never heard of them before and found all the reviews were good, so I placed an order. I thought I had not received a confirmation (it was in my spam box) so I telephoned them to confirm the order and was most surprised to get a man answering (rather than one of these awful automatic systems) and quickly confirming receipt of my order. 

My combined router and WiFi hub is located in my office, which is a converted garage, and as such has fire retardant material in its construction that prevents the WiFi signal getting to most of the house. For some years I have used a Netgear extender in the kitchen within line of site of the office through the open door to get the signal to the rest of the house. We get 72Mbs into the house from Vodafone our ISP. The Netgear extender was giving us a very variable WiFi speed of 1 to 10mbs  download and 0.5 to 10mbs upload. TP-Link Deco AC1200 Whole Home Mesh system

I ordered the TP-Link mesh router from PicStop on Thursday afternoon.  The package arrived less than 24 hours later and the instructions were to install an app from Google play store, and that guided me very clearly and accurately through the installation, less than 30 minutes later all three units were up and running. Our house is about 2,700 sq feet, with four bedrooms. We now have 30 mbs download speed and 20mbs upload throughout, measured using SPEEDTEST on my Android smartphone, and can move room to room quite freely without losing connection. The service has been first class and the product brilliant.
Review by Robin L

TP Link Extender

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