Comparing the old SanDisk Sansa Clip to the Sansa Clip JAM MP3 Player

2 December 2020  |  Admin

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Good Price & Delivery on the Sansa Clip Jam MP3 Player. Approximately 10 years ago I bought a Sansa MP3 Player. In those days there was just the Clip Model, no Clip Jam or fancy Clip Sport or other such options. This Sansa Clip has given me good service until a few weeks ago when I dropped it on a concrete path and the ON/OFF switch; which then was a slider switch on the left-hand side, broke off. So , my fault and not the Clips Hence I was unable to switch the unit On or Off without the aid of a very fine screwdriver; which had I had to poke inside to move the metal bar of the slider switch up. So the Unit still functioned perfectly well; despite my attempt to kill it. I contacted SanDisk, but they obviously thought that after 10 years, it was time I bought another; as they said they were unable to offer a repair unless the unit was still within warranty. 

I have therefore bought another Clip; which is now called a SanDisk Sansa Clip Jam MP3 Player. So how does the new MP3 Player compare with the old model. Basically they are the same size, just that the new one has rounded corners.

Plusses for the new model being:-

1. The On/Off switch is no-longer a slider switch protruding out of the side and cannot therefore be broken off. The Volume Control operates in the same manner as the old model; but is now on the opposite side to what it was.
2. The sound quality is about the same, but I think the new one has slightly more volume. 

Minuses for the new model being:-

1. The buttons on the front are not illuminated and hence cannot see what you are pressing in the dark or even sunlight.
2. The readout on the screen is White; whereas on the Old Model it was Blue and far easier to see and read both in Daylight and Darkness.
3. They have limited the number of characters on the readout titles to ten, whereas on the old model; there was no limit and could read the whole title unhindered.
4. They have also made some Menu changes and messed around with what you see on the screen and the order.
5. One such change being the addition of Shuffle. This is the first option of everything that appears on the screen. Not something I wish to do. Whether I am looking for the Artist or an Album, it is much easier to find them when in Alphabetical or and not to “Shuffle” them up. Also, when I put a CD onto the player, I want the tracks to appear and play in the same order as the original CD and not “Shuffle” them up. 5. Where there is a double CD for an Artist, and you entered it onto the player as separate CD’s in their own folder, the unit now combines all the tracks from the 2 CD under one title, although they were titled CD 1 and CD 2.
6. If you go into the menu via Folder; rather than Music, searching for something, then you will find that the 2 CDs are listed individually, but the tracks are now listed Alphabetically; rather than by Track Number. Also mixed amongst the Tracks are Artwork pictures (JPEGs); which were added automatically’ despite the fact that this model cannot display this and therefore useless clutter mixed in amongst the Track Titles hindering your search.
7. There are a few more oddities which they have done, but these don’t affect me greatly. There are also some in other areas; other than the Music. But as I only really use it for playing my Music, then I am not too concerned about those. 

Hence, in summary is the New Model an Improvement on the Old. In my opinion, Definitely Not. There is a saying which goes something like “If it ain’t Broke, don’t Fix it”. Maybe the Design Engineers should take note. The problem is, they are constantly changing things in order to encourage new sales for those that must have the latest gadget or newest model, despite the fact that it is not an improvement on the Old one. 

For those that never experienced the older model, then they won’t know any different and will just accept what is. But for me, The Old Model wins every time and a pity I cannot still buy that one. Fortunately, SanDisk have not changed the fact that CD Tracks are sorted by Track Number; rather than Alphabetically. This is the only reason that I am sticking with SanDisk as most other manufacturers' units I have tried have moved over to sorting alphabetically. A message to the Design Engineers at SanDisk, “Please Do Not Change This”. I don’t want Alphabetical Order; or Even Shuffle, I just want the order in which I put them onto the Player; which is Track Number Order.

Review By Philip L




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