Attaching a Camera to Your Celestron Telescope

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A great way to take pictures of terrestrial objects or even pictures of the moon

"Beginner's Session" is a new web video series from Celestron that brings you helpful tips straight from the deck of Celestron Observatory.

This video is a great step-by-step guide to attaching your camera to your telescope for digiscoping photos and more. Not got a good camera? Not to worry, the Celestron video covers a whole host of cameras from simple point and shoot cameras, webcams, DSLRs and more. As well as this the video covers a range of telescopes from the Celestron range including the Celestron NEW Regal M2 spotting scope.

Beginner's Session: Attaching a Camera to Your Celestron Telescope

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The Celestron products featured in this video, available at Picstop are ;


Tish Hopkins
Saturday, 5 December 2020  |  19:27

I have a Nikon d500, i purchased a Nikon t-ring and attached it to a 1 1/4" celestron T-adapter placed on a Celestron 114AZ-SR telescope and all i see is a blank white screen -yes the lens cap is removed and was focused on grass by a pond --Please help before i return the telescope thinking i cannot take photos using my DSLR camera

Sunday, 6 December 2020  |  11:32

The Celestron 114AZ-SR Newtonian Reflector is an *astronomy* telescope designed for looking at objects in the solar system, it is not designed to focus on nearby objects. If you are new to astronomy a great starting place is to look at the moon, this can help you get to know how the telescope works.

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