Bresser Professional 7-in-1 Colour HD Pro Wi-Fi Weather Station

Bresser Professional 7-in-1 Colour HD Pro Wi-Fi Weather Station

Bresser Professional 7-in-1 Colour HD Pro Wi-Fi Weather Station
Bresser Professional 7-in-1 Colour HD Pro Wi-Fi Weather StationBresser Professional 7-in-1 Colour HD Pro Wi-Fi Weather StationBresser Professional 7-in-1 Colour HD Pro Wi-Fi Weather StationBresser Professional 7-in-1 Colour HD Pro Wi-Fi Weather StationBresser Professional 7-in-1 Colour HD Pro Wi-Fi Weather StationBresser Professional 7-in-1 Colour HD Pro Wi-Fi Weather Station

Bresser Professional 7-in-1 Colour HD Pro Wi-Fi Weather Station

The Bresser Professional 7-in-1 Colour HD Pro Wi-Fi Weather Station 7003500 measures rain, wind, temperature and UV meters and comes with base station, outdoor sensor and Thermo-Hygro sensor and has an Extended 5-year warranty.

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Product details

Bar Code:  4007922047225
Part Number:  7003500
Brand:  Bresser
Warranty  5 Year Extended


Keep abreast of the weather In addition to displaying temperature, humidity, and wind speed, the Bresser Professional 7-in-1 Colour HD Pro Wi-Fi Weather Station 7003500 also has other features. With a wide range of display settings, the HD TFT screen presents detailed data from the 7-in-1 external sensor as well as up to 7 additional sensors (not included). With just a button click, quickly transition between the start screen, detailed display, data log, and more. You may choose which measurements to observe and how long you need to view them in either a light or dark display design, all thanks to the user-friendly step-by-step interface.

Nobody like getting burnt while tending to the garden or showing up to a crucial meeting drenched in rain. You can quickly check the weather with this weather station before you leave the house. You may see all the most recent meteorological information on the start screen, including the UV index, light intensity, and a trustworthy graphic weather trend forecast. The 'Feels-like' temperature is also displayed, which is very helpful for those who are weather-sensitive. This feature provides you with an outdoor temperature reading based on the wind, temperature, and humidity observed locally. The user-friendly display also provides other common meteorological data, like air pressure, precipitation amount and rate, wind direction, and speed.

Numerous data are displayed by the weather station, such as temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, rainfall, UV index, and light intensity. Regarding weather trends, nevertheless, what can be said? After all, knowing how much rain has fallen over the last several hours can help you determine whether to roll out the garden hose again. The start screen now includes a plethora of measurements from the detailed display, including the quantity of rain that has fallen over the last hour, day, and month. 

But the weather station can do even more when it comes to your local weather history: Additionally, you can view the daily maximum and minimum values in a table or graph on the display. Use the data log function, which collects measurements every 5, 10, or 30 minutes, if this isn't thorough enough. Ideal for amateur meteorologists who desire to fully immerse themselves in data on their personal computer or monitor.

A thermo/hygro outside sensor and a 7-in-1 sensor are included with the weather station. But occasionally, two wireless sensors simply aren't sufficient. Has mildew ever been an issue in your bathroom or kitchen? When you dial up the heat in the winter, have you ever noticed that the air actually gets drier? Whichever way the answer turns out, it's always important to monitor the interior temperature in various rooms. To make sure the water in your outdoor pool is at the ideal temperature, use a pool thermometer (not supplied). You can attach up to six optional extra sensors to the Wi-Fi weather station's base station for all of this and more. To see a list of devices that are compatible, simply click on the Accessories page.
After all the wireless sensors are linked, you can view and compare the temperature and humidity readings and trends for your kitchen, bedroom, and other rooms by arranging the measures so they are displayed side by side on an easy-to-use start screen. Using an optional soil sensor (not included), you can additionally measure the temperature and moisture content of the soil. You may also assign a name to each sensor so that you can remember its various positions.

Everything in the modern world is networked. To help you stay informed about the weather, the weather station also has a variety of connection features. With our partner, the German weather portal AWEKAS, you may register your new weather station for free. ProWeatherLive, Weather Underground, and Weathercloud are three well-known worldwide platforms that are supported by the weather station. Additionally, you can link your weather station to other websites that you choose. This enables you to access your Wi-Fi weather station's local measurement data from any location in the globe. When you go on holiday, if you're worried about your garden, you can check the local weather online and then ask your friends or neighbours to water the plants. You can also set up automatic plant watering in your smart home. To send measurement data, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, and precipitation amount, straight to your smart home control device, use AWEKAS. For instance, you can programme your home to maintain the ideal internal environment or set up your lawn sprinkler to turn on automatically when the grass is dry.

The HD TFT display not only displays the current local weather but also the time, day of the week, date, and moon phase. Is it too early, or should I wake up? Look at the bottom of the screen, please! You can use the weather trend forecast and the built-in alert to determine the appropriate outfit for the day when you utilise the weather station to help you dress for success. Additionally, there is a function specifically designed for icy conditions: on icy days, the alarm clock will sound 30 minutes earlier if you set the frost alarm. Furthermore, the Wi-Fi weather station computes and shows the local times of moonrise and moonset in addition to dawn and sunset.

With the Bresser Professional 7-in-1 Colour HD Pro Wi-Fi Weather Station 7003500, you can stay informed about the weather!

Base Station features
    7-inch HD TFT display with various display modes
    Multichannel overviews for displaying all live data from the wireless sensors
    Transmits data to the German weather platform AWEKAS via Wi-Fi
    Publish weather data via Wi-Fi on up to 3 weather platforms (ProWeatherLive, Weather Underground, Weathercloud and 1 additional user-defined platform)
    Displays the weather trend as a graphic (24 hours / 30 days)
    Historical data log, exportable to USB drive (not included)
    Indoor temperature (°C/°F) and humidity with trend
    Displays the outdoor temperature (°C/ °F) and humidity with trend
    Displays the amount of precipitation (current, last hour, last 24 hours, last month)
    Gusts and average wind speed
    Colour indicator for the wind speed level
    Displays the Beaufort scale (wind speed)
    Displays the wind direction (current and predominant, 16 directions)
    Displays UV level and light intensity
    Weather forecast
    Air pressure
    Weather index (perceived outdoor temperature, dew point, wind chill factor and heat index)
    Maximum/minimum value memory (daily/total)
    Weather data calibration
    High/low alarm function
    Individual naming of the additional sensors
    Synchronization with Internet UTC time with time zone selection
    Alarm clock with volume control and ice/frost warning
    Time, calendar, day of the week and moon phase display
    Sun-/moonrise, sun-/moonset
    Choose between dark or light display
    Display brightness and contrast can be customized, day and night mode
    6 selectable display languages (EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, NL)
    Supports OTA firmware updates (Wi-Fi) and USB firmware updates (system)
    Supports up to 7 additional sensors (not included, see accessories)
    Mounting options: Can be placed on tabletop with built-in stand or wall-mounted
    Power supply: power adapter, 1x CR2032 back-up battery (included)
    Dimensions: 190 x 140 x 19.5 mm / Weight: 325 g

Outdoor Sensor Features
    Measures the outdoor temperature, outdoor humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall, UV level and light intensity
    Transmission range of up to 150 metres
    Place in an unobstructed location in order to obtain accurate sunlight and rain data
    Can be mounted on a wall or post with the supplied adapter
    Power supply: 3x AA batteries (not included), additional solar panel to extend the battery life
    Dimensions: 225 x 170 x 410 mm / Weight: 533 g

Thermo-Hygro Sensor Features
    Measures the temperature and humidity
    Transmission range of up to 150 metres
    Power supply: 2x AA batteries (not included)
    Dimensions: 60 x 113 x 39.5 mm / Weight: 126 g

What's in the Box
    Base station with power adapter
    1x wireless 7-in-1 professional weather sensor
    1x Thermo/hygro sensor
    1x CR2032 back-up battery

Technical Specifications

Measurement function     
    Humidity inside & outside
    Inside & outside temperature
    Light intensity
    Barometric pressure
    UV level
    Wind speed & direction

    Storm warning
    Weather forecast
    Temperature alarm
    Alarm clock function
    Moon phases
    Automatic Internet Time
    multicolour display

Electronics, Hardware & Software
Batteries needed2     5x AA (Mignon), 1.5V
Number of batteries     5
Batteries required     Yes
Transmission frequency     868 MHz
Transmission range     150 m
Backlighting     Yes

Display height     8.6 cm
Display width     15.4 cm
Display size     17.6 diagonal in cm
Colour     grey
Type of mounting     Wall bracket and Stand
Assembly required     Yes
Measurement accuracy outside temperature (°C)     0.4
Measurement accuracy outside humidity (%)     3.5
Inside temperature (°C) from     -5
Inside temperature (°C) up to     50
Barometric air pressure range (mbar) from     405
Barometric air pressure range (mbar) up to     1100
Material     Plastic
Extended warranty     5 years

Dimensions & Weights
Total length     190 mm
Total width     140 mm
Total height     21 mm
Net weight (without access.)     322 g
Net Weight total (incl. accessories)     1017 g
Shipping Weight 2540g
Product Number    7003500
EAN     4007922047225
2 The batteries are not included in the delivery. Please, use only the batteries that are recommended. Take a particular attention to the safety instructions written in the user guide.

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