Celestron Elements Astro Red ThermoTorch 3

Celestron Elements Astro Red ThermoTorch 3

Celestron Elements Astro Red ThermoTorch 3

Celestron Elements Astro Red ThermoTorch 3 is a red flashlight, a hand warmer, and a power bank are your must-have 3-in-1 astronomy accessories. 3 mode bright flashlight with up to 4 hours of heat from the hand warming feature, USB 5V 2.1A charge port delivers a full recharge to most smartphones, has a strong comfortable body and comes with a 2-year warranty.

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Product details

Bar Code:  050234945561
Part Number:  94556-CGL
Brand:  Celestron
Warranty  2 Years


The Celestron Elements Astro Red ThermoTorch 3 is an essential outdoor tool.
This 3-in-1 gadget includes a hand warmer, a 3-mode red flashlight, and a travel power bank for charging your personal electronics.
The ThermoTorch 3 Astro Red's tough, IPX4-rated construction will survive your regular activities, whether you use it to illuminate the path at an astronomy star party, a night walk, or wildlife study.

For use at night, the ThermoTorch 3 Astro Red flashlight is ideal. Celestron has also switched the power button and battery charge indicator lights from the typical Elements blue to red to provide useful lighting while maintaining your night vision.

The flashlight has three different red-light illumination settings and provides a total of 15 hours of illumination on a single battery.
ThermoTorch 3 Astro Red has an inbuilt lithium battery, unlike conventional flashlights, allowing you to recharge it countless times without having to buy new batteries.

Use the hand warmer feature, which offers up to 4 hours of continuous heat, if your hands start to grow chilly. If desired, you can use the hand warmer and flashlight concurrently.

Simply connect your mobile devices to the unit's 5V-2.1A charging connection whenever they require an additional power boost. Any 5V DC device, such as smartphones, tablets, action cameras, MP3 players, and more, is compatible with ThermoTorch 3 Astro Red.

If you have several Celestron Elements products that support C-Link, you can connect them together to supply even more power. The overall operating time of the ThermoTorch 3 Astro Red hand warmer can be increased to 16 hours by connecting additional Celestron C-Link compatible power banks to it.

The ThermoTorch 3 Astro Red will keep you going whenever you need to keep your eyes dark-adapted with light, heat, and electricity. It is a true workhorse of a tool and a necessary addition to your telescope or travel equipment.

Technical Specifications:

Functionality:    3-in-1 device: portable power pack, red LED flashlight, and hand warmer
Battery Type:    Lithium-ion Metal Case Cylinder
Battery Size:    3350 mAh
Battery Rating (Wh):    12.395 Wh
Energy Density (Wh/L):    694 Wh/L
Power Consumption Rate (W):    9W
Battery Life - Hand Warmer function:    Up to 4 hours (continuous use based on fully charged battery)
Battery Life - White Light function:    N/A
Battery life - Red Light function:    (3) Modes: Low: 22 Lumens/ 15 hours
Med: 45 Lumens/ 10 hours
High: 90 Lumens/ 3.5 hours
Battery Life - Warmer and Light Function When Used Together:    LOW: 2 hours
Battery Life - Charging function:    iPhone XS (2658 mAh): 1.3 charges
iPad 4th (11,560 mAh): 0.3 charges
GoPro Hero 7 (1220 mAh): 2.7 charges
Hand Warmer Temperature Range:    Up to 113° F (45°C)
Hand Warmer Heat modes:    On/Off
Flashlight Modes:    Red LED: low light, medium light, and high light
Flashlight Bulb:    LED
LED indicators:    (4) Blue-Battery indicator LEDs and (1) Blue-Hand warmer indicator (power button)
Auto Charge Feature:    Plug into the standard USB Port and ThermoTorch will automatically start charging your device.
Power Input:    Mini USB Connector / 5V 1.8A Max
Power Output:    1 Standard 2.0 USB Port: 5V- 2.1A (Smart Charge Technology)
Input Charge Time:    Mini USB Connector / 5V 1.8A Max
C-Link Feature:    Compatible with other Celestron Elements power banks for extending heat time and recharging the internal battery
Ports:    1 Standard 2.0 USB Port: 5V- 2.1A (Smart Charge Technology)
Storage Temperature Range:    optimal 68° - 77°F (20° - 25°C)
Operating Temperature Range:    32° - 113°F (0° - 45°C)
Environmental Protection Level:    Water Resistant
Ergonomics:    Fits ergonomically in your hand, ensure full contact when using hand warmer
Weight:    10.6 oz (300 g)
Dimensions:    155.9mm x 44mm x 44mm (6.14" x 1.74" x 1.74")
Included Items:    Wrist strap
Mini-USB to USB charging cable
Warranty: 2-years

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Dimensions (LxWxH cm): 15.59 / 4.4 / 4.4 / - Weight (g) : 300