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Best Seller
SkyWatcher Mercury607 Telescope

SkyWatcher Mercury607 Telescope£62.99   £55.99


Best Seller
SkyWatcher Explorer130M Telescope

SkyWatcher Explorer130M Telescope£249.00   £199.99


SkyWatcher Infinity76P Telescope

SkyWatcher Infinity76P Telescope£46.99   £39.99


SkyWatcher Heritage76 Telescope

SkyWatcher Heritage76 Telescope£69.99   £49.99


SkyWatcher 7Ah Rechargeable Power Tank

SkyWatcher 7Ah Rechargeable Power Tank£59.99   £53.99


SkyWatcher Mercury707 Telescope

SkyWatcher Mercury707 Telescope£84.99   £78.99

SkyWatcher 17Ah Rechargeable Power Tank

SkyWatcher 17Ah Rechargeable Power Tank£119.00   £104.99

SkyWatcher Capricorn70 (EQ1) Telescope

SkyWatcher Capricorn70 (EQ1) Telescope£109.00   £104.99

SkyWatcher Mercury705 Telescope

SkyWatcher Mercury705 Telescope£129.00   £119.99

SkyWatcher Skyhawk114 Telescope

SkyWatcher Skyhawk114 Telescope£179.00   £124.99

SkyWatcher Skyhawk1145P Telescope

SkyWatcher Skyhawk1145P Telescope£169.00   £144.99

SkyWatcher Heritage130P Telescope

SkyWatcher Heritage130P Telescope£155.00   £149.99


SkyWatcher Explorer130 Telescope

SkyWatcher Explorer130 Telescope£199.00   £154.99


SkyWatcher Evostar90 (AZ3) Telescope

SkyWatcher Evostar90 (AZ3) Telescope£159.00   £169.99


SkyWatcher Evostar90 (EQ2) Telescope

SkyWatcher Evostar90 (EQ2) Telescope£169.00   £169.99

SkyWatcher Heritage114P Virtuoso Telescope

SkyWatcher Heritage114P Virtuoso Telescope£199.00   £183.99

SkyWatcher Explorer130P Telescope

SkyWatcher Explorer130P Telescope£209.00   £209.99


Best Seller
SkyWatcher Skyhawk1145P SynScan AZ GoTo Telescope

SkyWatcher Skyhawk1145P SynScan AZ GoTo Telescope£349.99   £309.99

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Page 1 of 2:    24 Items

The collection of SkyWatcher telescopes that we stock are ideal for beginners and those looking for an intermediate level telescope. These telescopes make great gifts and are perfect for encouraging young children who have shown an interest in astronomy to explore the field further and begin to enjoy the sky at night

Our starter telescopes by Sky-Watcher are available to buy online and with free delivery in the UK. Some of our recommended ranges are the Explorer and Skymax telescopes:

The fabulous SkyWatcher GoTo telescopes are available from PicStop which are a form of computerised telescopes that make locating astronomical bodies much simpler. So if you are keen to explore the wonders of the universe and develop your astronomy skills you will find that Sky-Watcher telescopes are ideal for nurturing this interest and providing a great platform that can be upgraded.