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Celestron Telescopes were founded in 1960 by Tom Johnson of Valor electronics who was looking to create a beginner telescope suitable for his two sons, Tom eventually built a 6" reflector telescope effectively launching the Celestron brand we know today. Over the last 50 years this USA company have been at the forefront of the development of exciting optical products with revolutionary technologies. Celestron were the first to introduce a mass produced fully integrated & computerised GoTo telescope and also offer a number of products that feature advanced GPS technology to identify thousands of stars, planets & constellations at the click of a button. In addition to astronomy telescopes Celestron now manufacture, spotting scopes, microscopes and a number of innovative optical accessories.

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Celestron Astromaster LT 76AZ Telescope

Celestron Astromaster LT 76AZ Telescope£110.00   £88.99


Best Seller
Celestron 20 to 60 x60mm UpClose (Straight) Spotting Scope

Celestron 20 to 60 x60mm UpClose (Straight) Spotting Scope£160.00   £89.99

Celestron 60mm Zoom Refractor Spotter

Celestron 60mm Zoom Refractor Spotter£160.00   £90.99


Celestron Astromaster 76EQ Astro Telescope

Celestron Astromaster 76EQ Astro Telescope£126.99   £108.99

Celestron ExploraScope 80AZ Refractor Telescope

Celestron ExploraScope 80AZ Refractor Telescope£130.99   £110.99

Celestron PowerSeeker 114EQ Telescope

Celestron PowerSeeker 114EQ Telescope£133.00   £110.99


Celestron Astromaster 70AZ Astro Telescope

Celestron Astromaster 70AZ Astro Telescope£109.99   £114.99


Celestron Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope

Celestron Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope£142.99   £122.99

Celestron Ultima Refractor 65 - 45 Degree Spotting Scope

Celestron Ultima Refractor 65 - 45 Degree Spotting Scope£145.99   £127.99


Celestron Astromaster 114EQ Astro Telescope

Celestron Astromaster 114EQ Astro Telescope£159.99   £138.00


Celestron Inspire 70AZ Refractor Telescope

Celestron Inspire 70AZ Refractor Telescope£169.00   £145.99

Celestron Astromaster 90AZ Telescope

Celestron Astromaster 90AZ Telescope£204.00   £167.99

Celestron Refractor Telescope  LCM 60

Celestron Refractor Telescope LCM 60£250.00   £169.00

Celestron Astromaster 90EQ Telescope

Celestron Astromaster 90EQ Telescope£192.99   £170.99

Celestron Inspire 80AZ Refractor Telescope

Celestron Inspire 80AZ Refractor Telescope£199.00   £170.99

Celestron Ultima Refractor 80 Straight Spotting Scope

Celestron Ultima Refractor 80 Straight Spotting Scope£200.00   £175.99


Celestron Cometron 114AZ Reflector Telescope

Celestron Cometron 114AZ Reflector Telescope£226.00   £181.99

Celestron C90 Mak Spotting Scope

Celestron C90 Mak Spotting Scope£204.00   £184.99


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Page 2 of 4:    62 Items

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Celestron are a leading manufacturer of quality telescopes; their range covers models for beginners, amateur astronomers and those looking for high-end telescopes for astronomy uses.

Celestron models are available in a range of optical designs: Reflector, Refractor, Maksutov-Cassegrain and Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. The telescopes are also available in a range of mount designs that includes: Manual and computerised Alt-Azimuth and manual equatorial mounts.

If you are over-whelmed via the choice and options available please contact the PicStop team and we'll help you find the right telescope for your needs. We can help you navigate the range of these models and answer any of your questions and help you buy a telescope online.

Here are some of our favourite and best selling Celestron telescope models: