Digital Camera Battery

    Digital Camera Battery brands available from PicStop include Ansmann, Inov8, Hahnel, Hama and PicStop own brand. All our brands of Digital Camera Batteries are designed to provide high power output at a fraction of the cost of the original manufacturers and can be used in many makes and models of digital camera.

    Rechargeable digital camera batteries are rated in "mAh" which stands for "milli-ampere hours". This rating is used to state the storage capability of a battery, e.g. a 1000mAh battery would be capable of delivering 1000mA of current consistently for one hour whereas a 2000mAh battery would deliver the same 1000mA of current for two hours.

    Li-on rechargeable digital camera batteries can deliver 40% more capacity than comparably sized NiCd batteries and weigh less than the nickel-based batteries and develop no memory effect.