Why Scandisk ?


Why do people say “Scan-disk” when they are talking about “SanDisk?”

The two meanings are completely different and only vaguely related. Many people often refer to the world’s most popular flash memory brand SanDisk as Scan-disk when talking about a particular flash memory card or USB flash drive. Have a look on the web, do a quick search on Google, web searches are littered with this spelling error, albeit some are deliberate. Try a quick search on Google, e.g. “scandisk ultra” or “scandisk extreme”


Well, just in case you don’t know what the difference is here goes:

SanDisk” is a multinational corporation which designs and markets flash memory card products. SanDisk is US based and became a publicly traded company on NASDAQUS in 1985. SanDisk is simply a massive company with manufacturing facilities in ten locations throughout the world.

“ScanDisk” is a Microsoft utility that checks and repairs file systems and bad clusters on your PC, normally run as part of your routine hard disk maintenance.

What connects the two? ..well they sound the same and maybe you could use a Sandisk product on your PC which may also be running ScanDisk at the same time.

If you say ScanDisk, why, what makes you say it ?